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AsaRay Tours in Kenya

AsaRay Tours in Kenya  is an elite family Safari Company, dedicated to bring you a dream Vacation, Holiday and Adventure.


AsaRay Tours, an emblem of family values, offers authentic safari experiences that resonate with your adventurous spirit.  Our commitment is to foster and progress healthy sustainability in tourism targeted ecosystems choices.  Your visit supports of our vision of showcasing and supporting sustainable ecotourism of ecological niches in Kenya and beyond.

Our mission:

Create transformative safari experiences that immerse you in the majestic natural wonders of Kenya and beyond with a commitment to sustainable ecotourism.  We aim to foster a deep appreciation for conservation and local communities, delighting you with exceptional hospitality while preserving the rich cultural heritage of our land and communities.

Our vision: 

Every safari journey with AsaRay is a transformative entry to the natural wonders of Kenya that fosters a global community deeply connected to wildlife conservation and cultural heritage.

AsaRay Approach:

We personalize your experience – you select, we design the itinerary of your delight to inspire and preserve the hidden true niches.  Welcome to our World where practical, pragmatic products and packages combine wildlife picturesque tours with a blend of charming local community, culture integration and education.  Inherent in this promise is our giveback to the local community to empower socially and economically.

AsaRay Tours in Kenya
Responsible Tourism

Our Commitment:

Executional excellence, environmentally conscious, community partnership, and a desire to bring you back.  The journey to support Wildlife protection, preservation of landscapes, and reduce non-biodegradable waste; and empower local communities through job creation, reducing poverty, reducing illiteracy.

AsaRay Tours in Kenya

Our Purpose:

  • Create meaningful relationships – through our services with personalized experiences that tap into the positive intimate relationship between man, environment and what we must preserve!
  • Bring communities closer – build a sense of community health profiles or wellbeing that bring families together to effectively and positively make or leave an impact.

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AsaRay Tours (AsaRay) is an elite family safari company, dedicated to bringing you a dream safari/tour or vacation, AsaRay’s specialty is customized safari packages created with your intimate involvement and partnership. … [+]


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