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Eco Learning Excursion – Tsunza

This day after breakfast you will take on an ecological learning experience – in Tsunza village. Tsunza village is a small community surrounded by water and thus the nickname  “Tsunza Peninsula”. In Tsunza you will find a small population of a unique local coastal people known as the “Duruma”. In the 19th century Arab settlers during that period were involved in slave trade and Tsunza provided a hide out for those fleeing arrest by the slave masters which has given Tsunza a unique Educational adventure point. Tsunza is rich in original and pristine traditional heritage sites and features! In this area you will visit the Mwache Forest Reserve. Learn the different species of vegetation in this area and their usage to the community. Learn the threatened and endangered species in this area and their efforts of preserving them. Understand the different Mangrove species in this area and their efforts of conservation. Visit Kaya Chonyi which are small parches of forests in this area with significant purpose for this community. Find out their spiritual purposes and healing purposes for this community and much more!

Eco Learning Excursion – Mt. Kasigau

This day after breakfast you will take on an ecological learning experience – Mt. Kasigau is an equatorial Rainforest with some trees almost being extinct due to the need for charcoal, firewood by the community. The community realizing this took an initiative to protect the rainforest since some of the trees in this forest were of significant value to the community and the environment at large! Learn about this trees and their usage and usefulness to this community. Learn the historic relationship between this forest, the community and the 1st world war when the Germans were using this forest as a watch point for the British soldiers trying to attack them. The tour ends at the historic viewing point where the Germans had built their stone watch towers which have been preserved to this day!

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