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AsaRay will bring you a true, personalized experience!  Our packages include intimate expeditions with sustainable eco-friendly options for delightful experiences beyond a standard visit.  Our Brand Equity is “FROM THE ORDINARY TO THE EXTRA ORDINARY”. You will be captivated by; the calm mysterious Forests / Wilderness, the tranquil waters of remote preserved lakes and rivers, and amazed by the vast authentic local communities with diverse and unique cultures.  Partner with us to explore the untapped wilderness of Mountain Gorillas, Secret caves at the foot of Mt. Elgon with Salt-licking Elephants, and of course continue to help celebrate the Big Five. Join the experience and be touched by a people driven to help and care for their communities and each other as you explore unique expeditions that showcase East Africa’s hidden gems.

OUR VALUES: Driven by respect and dedication for our cliental, and core in every stage of ultimate planning of all the services we offer;


We strive for unmatched value service, commitment to excellence and dedicated to ensuring the safety of our clients and staff.


We place high value on accountability, autonomy, and flexibility on the needs of our guests.  We do this by solving their interests/needs via safari packages or programs you are passionate about. As part of our professional promise, we are committed to continued personnel development through training, upskilling and external presence in global forums.


We strive for the highest quality service and value for your investment as we create your personalized plan, organize, and book your safari packages of interest.


We are your partners on the ground and believe in working together as a team to create magic for you! We place a high value on accountability and trust to bring you the most memorable and exciting experiences.


Family is at the core of everything we do, which allows us to create opportunities for family bonding, if able with our local communities; our desire is to have a long-term impact on the people and environment for a better tomorrow for our / your family.

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AsaRay Tours (AsaRay) is an elite family safari company, dedicated to bringing you a dream safari/tour or vacation, AsaRay’s specialty is customized safari packages created with your intimate involvement and partnership. … [+]


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