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Enjoying a safari is everyone’s dream, but before one tackles any given safari or tour, questions always arise that we fear we might not allow us to enjoy our safari. Here at AsaRay we have highlighted some of the questions that might be of some use before embarking on a given safari. 

What is the best time for a safari?

Anytime of the year is suitable for a safari. However, the most popular months are December to March and July to September.

What is a suitable safari?

Any safari is suitable for any given person. It’s important for you to choose a safari that your age can withstand, a safari that fits the purpose of why you are doing the safari, and one that fits your financial budget. Due to distances involved on non-tarmac roads some safaris may not be suitable for the very old, the very young, school children or those with certain disabilities or ailments

What should I carry while on a safari? 

Equip yourself with plenty of film to avoid missing out just when an exciting subject presents it. Cotton clothes are the most comfortable wear while on safari with long trousers and long sleeved shirts/blouses for protection against mosquitoes after dark. Sneakers or sports shoes with socks are the most appropriate while on safari.

Are children recommended to go on a safari? 

A safari is suitable and is a wonderful trip for any child old enough to enjoy the experience. Most safaris have long trips or rough roads except those that you go by air and this can therefore not be recommended for babies and the young toddlers. Few of the tented camps do not allow children under the age of. Therefore it’s a wonderful experience to give your children an adventure in the wild that will always give them beautiful memories.

Can I have a Private vehicle of a safari? 

Safaris can be booked with exclusive use of vehicles for your party or family, meaning that you will not share the vehicle with any other person that you do not know. Depending on the number of people in the party or family this will cost a little bit more if nobody else shares the bus with your party. A safari for two people only in the bus is more expensive per person than if you were either four or seven in our party. The cost of the vehicle is divided between the numbers of clients sharing the vehicle in an exclusive or private use situation.

What is the difference between a lodges and camps? 

Most camps are tented rooms but lodges are buildings with rooms.

Between lodges and camps which is the best to consider for accommodation?

This is mostly a personal preference and choice. Most safaris use lodges since they have more room capacity. Very few safaris have overnights at tented camps due to the reason that tented camps have a lower capacity accommodation and are exclusive and luxurious, making them more expensive.

What are the chances of seeing the animals mentioned in the itineraries while on safari? 

The animals or birds mentioned in any itinerary can be seen in those areas. It’s not a guarantee to see the see them on each particular safari that you might make. The climate or weather sometimes affects the chances of seeing the wild game e.g., if there is too much rain or it’s too sunny sometimes it’s not easy to see the animals.

Can I have my own tailored safari?

You are free to arrange any itinerary of your choice but subject to practical and logistical considerations.

If I’m on a special diet can it provided for while on safari? 

Special diets e.g. diabetics, vegetarians etc. are all catered for in all the lodges and camps, only you have to make sure to advise before the safari commences.

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