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One of our most exciting safari options that leaves you with firsthand unimaginable knowledge and experience in the region. This trip is meant for those unique individuals who strive for knowledge in other cultures, people and/environment. If you are such an individual/group, then you have found the right conduit. We offer itineraries that will cater to your special knowledge seeking experience outside/beyond class. These are perfect packages for individuals, families, group of friends, corporations, students and academicians/researchers etc. The intent of these itineraries are powered by helping you learn/discover a new knowledge of history, culture, geographical feature(s), a way of life of a given people etc. We optimize the itinerary to include specific features, places/areas, or a people/culture to meet your desired need. Come learn with and through AsaRay and we promise a great adventure is waiting.

8 Days Educational Tour

The Maasai have been known to habitat around the Kenyan wilderness for a very long time due their...

8 Days Educational Tour

Amboseli is part of the Savannah plains with a high population of both bird and animal species...

12 Days Of Educational Safari Experience – Eco Learning

A visit to the David Sheldrick Orphanage - you will come close to elephant calves! David Sheldrick...

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