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 We at AsaRay Tours have made a deliberate decision and choice to take on Responsible travel practices through our products and services. We have chosen to work together with the community as our core partners to create products that are sensitive to the intimate relationship between people, environment and what we must preserve and protect! This is with a focus of ensuring that these relationships are not just for now but for many generations to come. This we believe gives the visitors a fulfilling experience and also leaves the community socially and economically empowered!

Responsible Tourism


  • Participate in contributing to the economy of poor rural areas
  • Fully participate in the preservation of local cultures and traditions
  • Offer local products
  • As much as possible offer chemical free food by choosing responsible accommodation facilities
  • Offer environment friendly Hotels & Lodges
  • Biodiversity – offer least known, undiscovered sanctuaries and forests
  • Customer satisfaction 



In Tsunza village also nicknamed the “Tsunza Peninsula” you will find a small population of a unique local coastal people known as the “Duruma”. In the 19th century Arab settlers during that period were involved in slave trade and Tsunza provided a hide out for those fleeing arrest by the slave masters which has given Tsunza a unique adventure point. Tsunza is rich in original and pristine traditional heritage sites and features, culture, lifestyle and scenic beauty


Kasigau a Community in Taita Taveta, boarders the Southernmost reaches of Tsavo West National Park. It’s famous hill, Mt. Kasigau is where part of World War 1 was fought. The Community consists of 5 local communities around the mountain with a rich culture, lifestyle, history and scenic beauty


Lumo Wildlife Conservancy is owned and managed by the Communities that surround it who have a long history of co-existence with wildlife. This ensures the conservation and protection of this heritage through cultural and social norms, myths and traditional practices. By and through this community conservancy families are restored, cultures are restored, employment opportunities are created (directly or indirectly), children are educated thus creating reduced illiteracy levels and poverty


“Majimoto” is a Swahili word meaning “hot water” Majimoto is a community at the Coast in the deep of Kwale county with a rich heritage, lifestyle, customs, traditions and a very scenic landscape. This community is unique in that it has natural hot spurs within the village and thus the reason for the name “Majimoto Community” We are now partnering with the community and assisting them to build and register a CBO that will assist govern this resource in the community ensuring that it is a resource that preserved and protected for a lifetime! With proper management by the community this should be able to promote the livelihoods of those in the community at large

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