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Kenya has two rainy seasons. Long rains are in April and May while short rains occur in November. Most part of the year is dry, but the rainfall pattern due to global warming has not been regular and predictable in the recent years. The rainy season causes some animals to hibernate in the parks thus it’s not easy to find them. The rain also causes the roads to become flooded or muddy rendering them impassable, but it also makes the atmosphere beautifully lush and green. Otherwise Kenya’s general climate is warm and welcoming


We recommend that you only drink bottled water (NOTE: We support zero use of single plastic bottles), which is readily available at all the lodges and camps. Drinks available are of a wide variety starting from soft drinks, beers (Kenya’s best), wines, spirits, etc. The prices vary from one lodge or camp to another. The food in all the lodges and camps in Kenya is excellent only that the first time, make sure you take in small portions.


Kiswahili is the efficient language in Kenya spoken by all the tribes of this country and East Africa. English is also widely spoken, thus all the lodges and camps have English speaking personnel, but with a chance you can encounter staff that is well spoken in German, French, Italian, Spanish, etc.



Most of the hotels, lodges and camps have gift shops where you can purchase souvenirs, facilities etc. Carvings and paintings can also be purchased from these shops. 


Ensure you apply for your visa in good time and have all the necessary documents for your visa application. Kenya visa is available online through the e-visa portal

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