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Asaray Sustainability Mission and Policy

Asaray Sustainability Mission and Policy Present services, in collaboration with our business partners, that are sustainable, responsible and consistent with global standards of sustainability

Asaray Sustainability Mission and Policy

VISION:  AsaRay is intentional to operate sustainably across all vectors of the business.


  • Present services, in collaboration with our business partners, that are sustainable, responsible and consistent with global standards of sustainability
  • Drive significant awareness on sustainability; ensure services and product choices comply with company sustainability principles.
  • Make at least a 2% positive impact annually on the environment and community through our services


  • Offer better sustainable choices, and as partners in the tourism industry, we are responsible in creating services / products that are centred and compliant with company sustainable principles, especially preservation of the environment / planet / people
  • Our staff, partners / stakeholders and our community partners are educated, informed, and trained to work within the sustainable policy.


Will be guided by our commitment to the following values

  • Enhance live-ability of the communities and environment we live and work.
  • Nurture the environmental responsibility at all levels of the company
  • Leverage strong visionary leadership and governance policies.
  • The community is our partner and ally

Leadership: enforce a leadership culture that influences / impacts people and the society positively by creating opportunities for growth to everyone. 

Integrity:  we are trusted and reliable, encouraging open and honest communication with responsibility to action

Inclusive:  we are open to dialogue and diverse viewpoints from our employees and partners as a way to make informed decisions that will propel the company vision

Excellence:  executional excellence is our company’s bloodline in exceeding all client needs and desires

Transparency:  we encourage honest and open dialogue to build trust and mutual respect and understanding

Accountability:  we are accountable at all levels of the company individually and collectively.


  1. Reduce waste and consumption – Through our paper recycling agenda, strive to achieve a low waste program in the offices by recycling paper or other company equipment (electronics, computers, etc.) and purchase energy efficient tools essential to reduce both energy and water consumption.
  2. Economic empowerment – through employment and community products, ensure a society is economically empowered through employment and community outreach programs in support of local projects
  1. Eliminate illiteracy – through company services and products, support the young to have access to basic education as a path to eliminate illiteracy that will contribute to a sustainable world through education.


  1. Employment

We believe in everyone having the right to employment opportunities and we want to be an equal opportunity employer company of choice.  We do not base employment on gender, race, color, disability etc. under the strict guidance of the Kenyan law. Our emphasize being the local community

  1. Equal opportunity

We are an equal opportunity employer regardless of sex / gender, etc. as guided by the Kenyan law. It is important that everyone has an equal opportunity to employment, education, health etc.

  1. Child abuse / Child labour

We will not intentionally participate in any activities that lead or support child abuse or child labour. We take this as a serious responsibility in the protection of children from any form of exploitation.

  1. Forced labour

All employment opportunities will be offered to those qualified through our company interview and assessment process with agreed upon terms of contract, signed by both parties. We will not take part in forced labour

  1. Discrimination

At all times we will promote equal opportunity with zero tolerance on any type of discrimination through our policies and practices. AsaRay will not discriminate any employee or partner based on gender, race, religion, language, political affiliation etc.

  1. Health & Safety

The health & safety of our employees is of paramount importance. We will make every effort to ensure and secure the health and safety first and foremost of employees, clients, and partners

  1. Partnerships

We will be choiceful as we create relationships / partnerships to ensure sensitivity to issues / matters that drive sustainable offerings and align them to the importance of developing sustainable measures.

  1. Sexual harassment

We will have zero tolerate on sexual harassment / exploitation in any form in the company. 

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